Move To Cloud & Go Mobile

Digitize Your Business

Start your business digital transformation with our assessment, design and cloud migration services. Whether you decide to move to private, public or hybrid cloud implementations, we support you with our expertise with minimal current business disruption.

Mobile enablement is critical to digital transformation. We help you with right tools and pacing advice to get your mobile strategy going.

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Idea To Market

Go Live With Your Idea

Leave the burden of operations involved in taking the idea to market to us. Together with you, we will apply design thinking approach to evolve the idea, prototype, user test, refine, implement, setup systems, test, deploy, release to marketplace(s), support infra and support customers.

You stay the creative idea owner; and we run operations for you.

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Full Product Lifecycle Services

Outsourced Product Development

With a well-rounded expertise at product development, we offer a variety of services for your outsourced product development needs.

We help address your evolving business and technology needs, or as simple cost-optimzers. Our customer-first approach to application development means you get it right the first time. Coupled with Agile development processes, you will iteratively see the application being developed and deployed; cutting down risk to delivery & release plans.

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Sustenance Engineering Services

Extend Life of Your Product

It is often not cost-beneficial for companies to spend engineering bandwidth on a legacy product. But it is important that they also spend efforts on the next-gen version of the product, while keeping current product and customers active.

We provide product sustenance engineering services to keep the lights on the legacy product - whether it is bug fixes, minor enhancements or addressing customer issues. Technology stack of the product is no barrier.

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Ideas to Market


Custom Solutions


Successful Projects

Our Capabilities

Aeonian brings varied capabilities to address your business needs across product lifecycle.

Idea Evolution

By applying Design Thinking, we help evolve your ideas, talk to stakeholders, market inputs, recommend business model, build a working prototype and revalidate product.

Web Apps

Design and develop the web applications across multiple technology stacks. Responsive adaptive web pages, single page apps or otherwise, we have full-stack development expertise.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are ubiquitous. Whether developing native apps, hybrid apps or progressive web apps, we help you with app development, testing across devices and release to market.

Cloud Migration

Figuring out cloud migration strategy is key to business digitization. We help you decide on right cloud strategy and execute the migration projects with minimal business disruption.

Quality Engineering

With our product verification and validation services, run api tests, scenario tests, headless browser tests, load and performance tests to ensure your product is ready for the market.


It never hurts to consult experts to seek inputs on the right architecture, performance optimization, design security and scaling options. Our technology experts are at your service.


Want to move your team to new verison of product and need someone to take over current product and fix on-going issues. We provide cost optimal sustenance engineering services.


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